TitanStar Properties Inc.  is a publicly traded Canadian real estate investment company in the business of identifying and acquiring real property interests consistent with its investment policy, which is as follows:

  • Create and grow a portfolio of income producing, stabilized real
    estate assets with national or regional credit tenants in the United States
  • Be selective and focused on purchasing such assets in geographic areas where management has known infrastructure “on the ground”
  • Emphasize a primarily commercial/retail asset class
  • Finance the purchase of such assets using conservative financing
    assumptions, determined by management from time to time.

The Company focuses on the southwestern United States primarily due to its management’s prior experience in developing and managing real estate investments in that market.

Our leadership team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with a history and proven track record of exceptional performance in the relevant areas of finance, portfolio management, property development, business development, property management and leasing and real estate analysis.